Terms & Conditions

Auckland Webcam aims to have our camera streaming live 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year, however, like all webcams, there will most definitely be the occasional time that the streaming is interrupted due to internet service interruptions or other technical issues.

If our service ever gets to the point where it is not available 95% of a calendar year we will refund the $10 subscription fee.
All subscribers are welcome to use their subscription on two different devices but we ask that they do not share their login details.
All images and video captured by this camera remain copyrighted by Auckland Webcam and must not be used without permission of Auckland Webcam.
We do not give permission for subscribers or third parties to embed the camera feed into a different website whether that be live or delayed.
Subscribers are welcome to screen record clips of video from the camera and share them on their social media channels as long as there is a link to the webcam at and a credit to Auckland Webcam.